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What do CPC's Citrix experts bring?

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    App Virtualization & Usability

    – Tech that allows users to access and use an application from a separate computer than the one on which the application is installed.
    – For the user, the experience of the virtualized app is the same as using the installed app on a physical machine.
    – Allows for better app management, scalability, and security

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    Desktop Virtualization

    – Tech that lets users simulate a workstation load to access a desktop from a connected device remotely or locally.
    – Separates the desktop environment and its applications from the physical client device used to access it.
    – Benefits include resource management, remote work enablement, and enhanced security.

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    Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) 

    – IaaS is a provision model in which physical or virtual machines are outsourced by an organization.
    – Pools of hypervisors, such as the Xen® hypervisor, run the virtual machines. This can be scaled up or down according to an organization’s requirements.

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    Server Virtualization

    – Server virtualization is the act of separating server-class operating systems from the hardware on which they are traditionally installed through the use of a middle-ware layer.
    – This enables the server hardware to be leveraged as a single pool of capacity such that any instance of a server operating system running as a virtual machine can be hosted anywhere in the pool.


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"Citrix is going to be critical in creating the program which says, 'No matter where you are, no matter where you're connecting, whether it's an enterprise data center or a SaaS service, we want you to be connecting to that service in a secure and optimized fashion.' We want to make sure this is true across the globe."
Sriram Sitaraman