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Work from Home

Working from home? Telecommuting? Back in the Office?

CPC has the solution set for you to get a remote setup.
NoMachine lets you access your apps using your in-office compute power.
IGEL provides an instant Operating System with the UD Pocket.
LG All-In-One Products bring you and your team into 2021.
Citrix brings your entire environment together, secured, and simple.
Zebra provides a rugged laptop for the field.


Work from home solutions

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    NoMachine is the fastest, safest way for you to access a virtual desktop or remote access to your work computer. Are you a VFX or high-resource application worker? Does your home laptop lack the juice of your main computer? NoMachine has almost no latency, and is secure enough for just about any agency.

    Free for personal use, less expensive than point-to-point “RemoteDesk” solutions. 50% discount for nonprofits and educational institutions.

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    Have you heard of the UD Pocket? The thumbnail-sized USB device that turns your home computer into a direct portal to your workplace operating system? IGEL has spearheaded secure, efficient OS / Windows Virtual Desktop platform. Your “home computer” just became your “workplace system.”

    Partner pricing available for you and your organization, not just with the UD Pocket, but with the whole suite of IGEL licenses, thin clients, and zero clients. 

  • Blue_Icon_LG


    Work comfortably with an IPS display for eye comfort and clear images at any angle! A clean setup with fewer cables and wires, and crystal clear graphics.

    CPC has LG All-In-One, LG Thin Clients, and LG Monitors in stock, at deep discounts compared to any reseller or retail outlet. Large and small quantities available – and ALL devices are able to be configured with Windows IoT or IGEL OS11 included! 

  • Blue_Icon_Citrix


    Citrix makes technology something that it has never been before. Personal productivity, cloud-delivered digital workspace experiences, and empowerment to all of your employees. Citrix is the best way to securely access, collaborate and execute all work types across your hospital, manufacturing floor, or university.

    CPC has specialized engineers and technicians to bring your environment current with best-in-class Citrix configurations and licenses – all at a bare minimum cost to your budget.

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    Rugged. Rugged. Rugged. That’s what you need from your tablets and laptops for the foreseeable future – because who knows where you’ll need to work next. Zebra makes it possible with best-in-class ruggedized laptops and tablets fit for any application and any environment.

    CPC has the best pricing available, and some of the only devices remaining in stock that you’ll find. Zebra devices, printers, support and maintenance are available at a huge value to our clients. 

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"We were shut down so quickly because of coronavirus. We have huge compute power, and we needed solid gear. CPC worked it out almost overnight. Rugged laptops and tablets, securely tapped in to our virtual environment, and able to access resource-heavy apps like Synopsys and Cadence effortlessly."
- IT Director, Envirofax Resource Research & Development, Inc.