IGEL is a world leader in endpoint management software, software-defined thin clients, and thin and zero client solutions. IGEL workspace solutions provide true enterprise management, allowing IT departments to easily manage PCs, notebooks, thin and zero clients under one robust platform.

Shifts granular endpoint control from end users to IT

  • Manage every endpoint with granular control
  • Zero-touch automation
  • Easy customization = no compromise
  • Consistently updated, constantly current

Do more with less

  • Maximize return on IT investment
  • Full version of UMS, free
  • Extend UMS to other management tools
  • Optimize your existing environment
  • Hardware-agnostic
  • Built for enterprise endpoint management

Enterprise-level endpoint security

  • Purpose-built for the enterprise, read-only
  • Custom partitions, deploy custom solutions
  • Failsafe firmware updates, "buddy update"

IGEL Technology’s vision for the endpoint is also revolutionary.

We believe that you deserve an extremely configurable and secure device that enables users to connect to whatever virtual environment they need. Whether connecting to Citrix, VMware, or Microsoft; whether connecting from an internal network or from the public Internet; whether using most any 64-bit x86 desktop, laptop, thin client or pocket device, our endpoint operating system, IGEL OS, provides a common experience for your users and ensures that they can maximize their productivity.

Our operating system unifies your endpoints and standardizes the user experience.

Imagine deploying a fully-branded access device that performs exactly as your organization requires. IGEL’s profile approach delivers zero-touch deployment along with an intuitive, easy to use management interface. By using IGEL’s Active Directory integration, Access Control List’s built-in logging capabilities, and automatically integrating your existing asset management tools, you’ll eliminate mundane tasks.


Computer Products Corporation (CPC) is the largest and most experienced, award winning reseller of IGEL products in North America. Years of working with the IGEL product portfolio has honed our expertise in the implementation of IGEL Technology. Our team can assist you in selecting and installing the IGEL solution best suited for your organization’s computing requirements.

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