DriveLock: The security software solution


CPC has partnered with DriveLock to offer an exciting new data loss protection solution. DriveLock is a leading solution for securing endpoints, desktops, laptops, BYOD, as well as virtual desktops and thin clients. In addition to comprehensive port control, DriveLock not only offers extensive encryption options and comprehensive application control, it also uniquely provides device control – all of this is configured and administered centrally using a single management console. And because DriveLock’s architecture is so straightforward, it is successfully used worldwide to protect small networks as well as large enterprises.

Why DriveLock?

  • We protect your sensitive company information
  • Enforces IT Governance
  • We protect your mobile devices
  • We help you to get your statutory certification
  • We secure your data in the Cloud
  • We offer transparency of all user interactions both internally and externally
  • Protection from internal and external threats

DriveLock Solutions

  • Encryption: Through certified encryption with DriveLock you avoid data theft and loss. No matter if it is data from your storage or out of the Cloud.
  • Application Control: With minimal effort you define which application can be used by whom on which device – and which not.
  • Device Control: The centrally configurable access of DriveLock enables a finely tuned control over any type of hardware drive or administration models.
  • Security Education: DriveLock supports you with safety campaigns managed by schedules which increases the safety awareness of your employees.
  • DriveLock for Thin Clients: Our unique interface control for thin clients and virtual desktops arranges for a safe data transfer and can be configured as easy as normal working environments.
  • Antivirus: DriveLock Antivirus provides optimum protection with maximum of flexibility against external threat with easy and intuitionally handling.
  • DriveLock for MSSP (SecaaS): By an efficient set-up and management the server can be provided for several customers, even with separate authorization.
  • DriveLock Mobile: Easy but safe exchange of documents between enterprises, customers and private persons. The mobile encryption application can be provided at sync storage for external access.

Advantages of DriveLock

  • Easy to install – central management center
  • Customizable for companies – flexible and scalable
  • Multi-layer security functions
  • Individual reporting and forensic data analysis
  • German and English language support and service
  • Can be deployed in every industry

To learn more, contact a DriveLock Sales Representative today.