The first national laboratory in the U.S. and one of the leading federally funded research and development centers in the country, Argonne National Laboratory, makes their Advanced Photon Source and engineering simulation software available to hundreds of collaborators worldwide with NoMachine NX.


Argonne National Labratory


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The nation’s first national laboratory and one of the leading federally funded research and development centers in the country, Argonne National Laboratory, is also one of the U.S. Department of Energy’s oldest and largest national laboratories for science and engineering research. Argonne’s mission is to apply a unique mix of world-class science, engineering and user facilities to deliver innovative research and technologies and create new knowledge to address the most important scientific and societal needs of the nation. Argonne supports manifold research projects and has collaborative relationships with hundreds of companies, federal agencies and other organizations to perform joint research.


To support outside researchers and remote employees, Argonne needed to provide remote access to beamlines of their Advanced Photon Source (APS) and JBluice-EPICS, the beamline control software, on the back-end computing cluster for data collection at the Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center (TRACC). They required a solution that works well with Windows, Mac and Unix providing a multi-platform work environment. A remote access solution was needed to perform simulation with high visibility, while handling huge amounts of data with speed to prevent the delay of any research.

Systems Analyst Matt Cowan said, “Argonne is a large, public organization. In order to reach all of the environments and field personnel, NoMachine was a better way to do it than risk the security and control of another third-party provider. There is no better way we’ve found to securely access our diverse environments.”


Argonne chose to deploy an NX Enterprise Server cluster located centrally in Chicago enabling university researchers and contractors around the world access to software and resources hosted there via an NX connection. They can access the environment without a full Unix command line, minimize data transfer and achieve results in a timely fashion. NoMachine provides a multi-platform solution with OpenGL support to visualize complex graphics in any operating system.

NX reduces bandwidth requirements and with its speed allows users to perform research and analysis faster from remote locations. Argonne is provided the security they need to protect important information with NX’s SSH encrypted technology. Currently, two thirds of the TRACC group at Argonne use NX to access critical facility software and tools.


NoMachine NX met the needs of the TRACC group and APS users at Argonne and has proven to be a successful remote access solution. It provides an easy way for collaborators across the country and overseas to quickly access the Advanced Photon Source and software such as JBluice-EPICS, reducing travel costs and time delays.