EGS-Groupe Laurent is a leading trader of automotive and industrial spare parts, and needed to provide on-demand remote access via NX Server for its 900 employees at a tenth of the cost of Windows Terminal Server.


EGS-Groupe Laurent


Automotive Parts, Remote desktop, Multiple Locations, NoMachine


EGS has a host of Windows and Linux-based applications that their 900 employees need to access remotely and securely, including Windows Office Suite, Lotus Notes, Business Objects, Firefox, Open Office and desktop environments hosted centrally on IBM Blade Centers. When EGS first began investigating ways to offer remote access to all these applications, they considered traditional solutions such as ICA-connected Windows Terminal Server, but were dissuaded by the cost. Licensing fees for Windows Terminal Server were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, too much for EGS to connect their 900 employees. In addition, EGS was concerned that some of their slower, outdated, and more intensive-bandwidth applications would not have ideal response time remotely.


With its low subscription cost in licensing fees, NX Enterprise Server was able to save EGS significantly more than the estimated $100,000+ they would have spent in WTS licensing fees and support. EGS Project Manager, Damien Chambe, said, “NoMachine costs a tenth of what we would have spent with Windows Terminal Server, licenses and support included.”

In addition, with NX, EGS found a remote access solution for their outdated and more intensive-bandwidth applications that they were concerned would run too slowly through traditional remote access connections. With NX’s unique display protocol, NX was able to offer EGS a much faster, real-time remote access connection than competing solutions.

Because EGS runs both Windows and Linux-based applications, they were challenged to find a solution that would support both platforms. NX’s thin client computing capabilities gave them remote access from and to all platforms and application types.


While NX’s cost effectiveness, speed, improved response time, and session reliability were all selling points, security was critical. Because NX can retrieve and share data securely over the Internet by means of industry-standard SSH encryption, it offers secure data transmission over any link, and the best the market has to offer in secure remote access.

Now, all EGS employees are able to access both Windows and Linux-based applications from anywhere. Furthermore, NX’s disconnect/resume feature provides complete mobile connectivity, allowing employees to be in the middle of work at one location, disconnect their NX sessions, travel to a different location, resume the same session, and continue their work right where they left off.


Caroline Seroux, of IT Maintenance for EGS, said, “NoMachine offers improved response time in performance. We can now deliver bandwidth intensive applications, including those few crucial outdated applications that employees still need, much faster and at a fraction of the cost of what we were originally going to spend.”