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Refurbish for savings

Your equipment doesn’t need to be new. Server blades and desktops last a lot longer than you think.

Why pay for new when you don’t have to? Computer Products Corporation has an exclusive pipeline of the very best in refurbished technology. Equipment for your workforce and for your data center – good as new, with an even better price point.

Savings vs. Retail


Savings vs. Retail
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SKU Count
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Failure Rates
Refurb Support


Refurb Support
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Client Satisfaction

Refurbished gear is the way smart business people keep their technology fresh. Refurbish Forever.


Refurbished equipment includes

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    Desktop / Laptop

    Yes, laptops need to be replaced, but is a new one really the right choice for the accident-prone employee? If someone is on their third PC in a year, should the company have to pay for something brand-new? Of course not. 

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    Environment planning

    Computer Products Corporation can help you plan your environment to be sure to meet your needs, without breaking the bank. Our certified Account Executives will assist you in making your budget breathe a little easier, while still getting the job done. 

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    Data center

    Do server blades really wear out? That’s not something that should keep you up at night. With cloud storage, hybrid on-prem / off-prem systems, and virtualization, servers are working harder and smarter than ever before. If you even have a small backup closet, you can use CPC to stock it with solid gear.

  • Printer-Icon

    Printers & scanners

    It is amazing what a little T.L.C. can do for a printer. CPC, in partnership with Lexmark and PrintLogic, have created a trouble-free pipeline of outstanding refurbished printer offerings to fit businesses of any size. Printing shouldn’t be frustrating – it should be useful. 

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    Tablets and peripherals

    Computer Products Corporation has a wide selection of more than 1,800 SKUs of refurbished equipment, and that includes handheld devices. The days of paying $1K for a tablet are over, thanks to CPC.

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    Budget comparisons

    CPC will work with you to compare your before & after budgets in order to show value to your management team. The idea of refurbished equipment shouldn’t be scary – it should be valuable. 


"Plenty of action left in those keys."

  • Balanced Budget

    It’s hard enough to balance a 1 – 3 year budget cycle in I.T., and Computer Products Corporation plans for that. Whether it is a planning session after your budget is set or a stand-alone set of proposals, we work with you and your CFO to get the number to where it needs to be.

  • Tried-and-True

    Take the guesswork out of your I.T. environment. With the Refurbished Forever program, Computer Products Company can not only provide best-in-class technology at a fraction of the price, but any unique functionality or capacity specs will be well known at the time of provisioning.

  • As-needed consumption

    Technology – hardware, software, networking and storage – are all moving to a consumable model. By working with CPC’s Refurbish Forever program, your IT budget can flex as it needs to, only consuming what is needed, and only buying what is appropriate.

  • Affordable backup

    When a laptop is left in a taxi, or a tablet is dropped down the stairs, CPC provides affordable, quick solutions. By combining your technology environment with CPC’s virtualization packages, you will always have an affordable, accessible option as a backup.

  • Global reach

    Computer Products Corporation has exclusive partnerships with major distributors, and has the capacity to ship rapidly. Centrally located with regional distribution hubs, CPC is prepared to sharp-shoot any problems as they arise with affordable, reliable refurbished technology.

Your CFO will thank you. Get your team on Refurbish Forever.

"Our printers across 12 states in the Southwest started to break down, one after the other. They were all bought about the same time. When that big-ticket item started to hit our bottom line, CPC came to the rescue. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars and kept us going."
- Director of Technology, Sturgon-Morris Family Grocers