IGEL Practice Group



Take only minutes to deploy and manage all your endpoints and reduce support tickets by up to 95%


Onboard new technologies in days, not months and extend equipment life and shift budget to growth by up to 60%.


Secure your endpoints in minutes, reduce risk with IGEL OS and experience constant security without constant updates.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a comprehensive desktop & app virtualization service running in the cloud.

Offering simplified management and multi-session Windows 10, you can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, supporting WVD. IGEL OS further extends the security and management benefits of running WVD.




  • License Management, Active Directory Integration, Automated Deployments, Reporting / Remote Management, IGEL Best Practices, Custom Partition Analysis, Server Sizing, Load Balancing
  • IGEL UMS Server, Imaging Solutions, roll-Out Strategy, and Device Lifecycle Management included in all Quick Starts
  • Documentation includes a Reference Architect diagram, As-Built (net new implementations) and FAQs


  • Health Check of Existing IGEL implementation (UMS Server & Database, UMS Admin, UMS Device Management)
  • Provide Recommendations via Key Findings Presentation and Assessment Deliverable
  • IGEL Best Practices Assurance to ensure IGEL environment is configured in accordance with IGEL best practices


  • IGEL Reference Architecture to ensure best practices for IGEL config., including scalability, high availability, and cloud enablement
  • ROI/TCO Data to answer “Why IGEL?” and show you ease of management, less IT headcount, and reduced licensing cost
  • Deliverable is a full IGEL Design Document


  • Customized Scope of Work for complex environments
  • “White Glove” problem solving and SMEs with advanced certifications
  • Consulting deployed to stabilize existing environment
  • Deploying additional features post-implementation
  • Scalable and supportable infrastructure designs


  • Full-service technician 1 day / quarter
  • Full review of Cloud Workspaces
  • Presentation of updates and potential savings
  • Monitoring, reporting and review
  • Update, troubleshoot & assist


  • Blocks of service hours at a discount compared to OEM rates
  • Flexible for different projects and utilization of different CPC resources
  • On-site or remote
  • Packs of 8 hrs., 24 hrs., 40 hrs., custom
  • “Roll-over” hours program available


IGEL Technology is Comprehensive

  • data-app-1773_ff206e9b-2acc-47da-a3f5-d647bd94254f


    A highly secure Linux-based operating system for x86 machines built with industry standard components, regardless of manufacturer, platform-independent IGEL OS is designed to become the standard enterprise managed operating system for PCs, laptops, tablets, thin clients, and most every other 64-bit, x86 device.

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    Extending the life of existing hardware assets eliminates the disruption and cost of investing in new hardware. Future-proofing your infrastructure further reduces unnecessary IT expenditures and ensures easy scalability.

  • health-6332_3e14393c-72bc-46a4-b910-ad00db942549


    Security-conscious organizations can finally be confident that the core operating system on endpoint devices has not been compromised. Support of two-factor authentication, smart card readers and trusted execution are already included. Additionally, as a highly secure Linux-based operating system, IGEL OS is virtually impossible to manipulate and extremely resistant to viruses and other malware.

  • Server-Small-Icon


    From added functionality to corporate branding to screensavers that display corporate messaging, IGEL OS is designed for managed customization and cloud-based environments. It’s easy to make your endpoint devices look and perform exactly the way you want, without having to overhaul your backend infrastructure.

  • add-image-5030_dcf585b8-8f3d-48ad-8579-a4ad56d14ba6


    Pick and choose functionality. IGEL OS is designed to let an organization “turn off” unused features. Turning off unused features lets you give back resources to the system, keep your endpoints as “thin” as possible, better control endpoint usage, and minimize the attack surface of the device.

  • catalogue-3486_5154eaae-1092-4b08-83ca-a8a18aa145a2


    By moving desktop PC workloads from the endpoint and into the secure data center, which includes inherent fault tolerance and automated backups, you experience true efficiency while increasing security. Increase efficiency with significantly faster logins and application loading, more consistent operation and significantly boosted performance in database lookup or query.


"IGEL is the connection of our organization"

  • Refreshed Endpoints

    “After nearly a decade of use, the desktop hardware we were using was not only getting old, but it was no longer being supported.” – Joshua Lindemann, Tech Services Manager, Univ. of Lethbridge

  • Tried-and-True

    “Now everything is a lot quicker and the students get the same experience irrespective of the device.” – Brad Johnstone, Head of ICT Services, Ayrshire College

  • As-needed consumption

    “From the administrator side it is also very good solution. Since the thin clients have replaced the PC, administrators have been able to forget about nights spent on the regular installation of security patches, system restarts after crashes or reinstalling systems due to hardware failure.” – Bartosz Kołodziej, Technical Management Team, BNP Paribas

  • Hyper Configurable

    “We like the IGEL UMS because it is easy to configure and makes the management of the IGEL endpoint devices virtually hands-free for our IT team. Previous to IGEL, some of our processes were manual, and often required an on-site technician to troubleshoot or configure desktop clients. Now we can do this from one central location, which saves time and reduces costs.” – Marc Dell, Engineering Manager, Fulton Financial Corporation

  • Reliability is key

    “These laptops are often on the road, with no given return date to the office, but the performance and safety of the systems remains the responsibility of the IT team. Certainly, in relation to planning and fleet management, these laptops must function properly; they are core parts of our services.” – Bob Mulders, Head of Corporate Infrastructure and Network, Vos Logistics