Computer Products Corporation’s (CPC) Endpoint Solutions provide your organization unmatched support throughout the entire procurement process from requirement assessment, to configuration, to ordering, delivery, and installation. A strong technical staff, proven experience and long-standing vendor partnerships ensure that CPC can deliver high equipment acquisition value.

We offer complete server to endpoint integration support. With our Thin Client and  Zero Client solutions, you can expect to upgrade your technology environment with minimal operational disruption and deliver more efficient computing resources.

Our support staff are trained professionals with experience in Linux, Windows, VMWare, Citrix, Server and Desktop Administration, Network Administration, and the Integration of these technologies.

Along with our experienced professionals, we are partnered with many vendors and leading technology manufacturers including IGEL, NoMachine, DriveLock, Cisco, HP, Dell, IBM, and Oracle.

We specialize in engineering, on-site support services, and ongoing support for the products we sell. We are a full service solution provider that includes laptop, desktop, thin client, zero client, server, storage, networking, and operating system support. Our engineering staff has years of experience with small business to large data center support.

Have a hardware refresh in the pipeline? Have a roll-out you need help with? We can help! We provide engineering and support upon request and we will provide a comprehensive Statement of Work.