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A rugged Windows tablet, what criteria matters the most?

A rugged Windows tablet, what criteria matters the most?




Android mobile devices and tablets are flooding into the business world. But if you are one of the many organizations with Windows-based backend line of business applications, a substantial investment in Windows applications or a workforce that requires complete workstations on a single device, you need rugged Windows tablets. And you’re not alone — Windows owns over 80% of the rugged tablet market.

With numerous rugged Windows tablet manufacturers in this market, which manufacturer should you partner with to mobilize your workforce?

You need the right company, the right hardware — and the right software and services. You want an industry leader that you can depend on, with proven reliable technologies. An innovator that is always at the forefront, with tablets that integrate the very latest technologies to maximize product lifecycles, workflow efficiency and workforce productivity. A company that offers a broad portfolio to meet the needs of different workgroups within your organization — plus the ability to tailor the tablets to meet the specialized needs of your workers, their workflows and their work environments. Mature software solutions that add capabilities to help you
maximize the value of your devices. A company that you can count on to stand behind their products with unsurpassed services that can get your users up and running in record time and keep tablets in the hands of workers — and out of the repair depot. Zebra delivers it all.

Buying rugged Windows tablets requires a significant investment — one that will serve your workforce for years. At first glance, most rugged Windows tablets look similar. But in order to make the right investment, look beyond the hardware and its specifications. A few simple guidelines:

Look at the company and its portfolio

The company’s product line and design strategies will reveal what you can expect in the future. Have the devices remained the same through the years or are they changing with the times to meet modern requirements?

Look at the product features

Are they innovative? Do the features keep pace with the needs of today’s work world? If the manufacturer you choose demonstrates innovation today, you can expect innovation tomorrow.

Look at product flexibility

Does the manufacturer offer the right models and form factors for all of your workers that could benefit from a rugged Windows tablet? Can you add all the options specific workgroups might need — or are you forced to choose one option over another? Does the accessory family include everything you need to make life as easy as possible for your workers?

Look at next generation products planning

Are accessories backwards compatible, so you can upgrade to leverage the power of new mobile capabilities in your business — cost-effectively?

Look at value-add solutions that are tested and available today

Does the company offer new software solutions that can be implemented quickly and easily to add new capabilities that extend the functionality of your Windows tablets? Does the company’s past and current history demonstrate a commitment to development of solutions that can dramatically boost the benefits of mobility in your business, so that you can expect continued development of solutions in the future?

And finally, look at the after-purchase support

The tasks that workers perform using rugged Windows tablets are crucial to your business — you need support that will keep those tablets in the hands of your workers as much as possible. Can you get the coverage you need from day one? Is everything covered — including accidental damage? Can the support plan be customized with options that will provide the exact level of service your business demands?

By digging a little deeper for these answers, you’ll have the information you need to select the best rugged tablet for your business — and the right manufacturing partner.


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