Computer Products Corporation (CPC) is the largest and oldest reseller of IGEL products in North America. Years of working with the IGEL product portfolio has honed our expertise in the implementation of IGEL thin client projects. Our team can assist you in selecting and installing the IGEL solution best suited for your organization’s computing requirements.


What are Thin Clients?

Thin clients are a cost efficient and energy saving alternative to PCs. Today thin clients are used to access all kinds of office applications and CRM tools, as well as demanding videos and multimedia presentations or digital dictation solutions, and more. They increase data security and compliance with laws and regulations like HIPAA, as sensitive data is not stored locally, and the use of USB-ports can be managed remotely by the administrator. Thin clients come without fans or rotating hard drives, which means they are much more reliable than PCs and increase the overall availability of IT while reducing downtime and license costs. The low energy consumption reduces costs and CO2 emissions compared to PCs. Together with an efficient remote management of all local thin client settings, they offer a fast return on investment. The introduction and roll out of cloud computing or virtual desktops or classic server-based computing becomes economically favorable when cost-efficient thin clients replace PCs. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IT infrastructure is decreased sustainably.

The IGEL Product Strategy

IGEL provides the right solution for any environment, whether you’re looking for zero clients that enable optimized access to VDI, migration software for end-point standardization, or highly flexible thin clients with multi-protocol capability for access to different central IT infrastructures and cloud services.

The IGEL Zero and Universal Desktop product lines combine state-of-the-art, highly efficient technologies and German expertise in engineering. Our mission is to provide customers maximum value and the greatest possible range of user benefits.

IGEL Hardware and Software

Future-proof, high performance!

With decades of experience and targeted specialization in the thin client field, we are able to provide you with secure, cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. We offer a product portfolio characterized by powerful, energy-saving hardware, stable firmware, and supplementary, value-added software. A long product and service life is standard for IGEL products.

IGEL Universal

Integrative and inclusive!

One of IGEL’s product offerings very clearly illustrates our dedication to delivering real value to customers: the Universal Management Suite (UMS), our powerful, industry-leading client management platform, enables you to easily and efficiently manage all IGEL Zero Clients, Universal Desktops, and any PC’s you have converted using our Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software. The UMS ships with your thin client or UDC license at no extra cost.


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